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Our distinctive approach to management consulting is driven by a desire to solve challenging business problems. Working with our clients as partners, we combine evidence-based analytics, creative insights, and a strong operational focus to create actionable, elegant solutions that make a lasting impact.


  1. Since 2007, we have developed growth strategies for large and mid-sized companies, startups, non-profits, and global universities. We specialize in four practice areas: Education, Healthcare, Service Businesses, and Information & Media. Our tailored approaches and custom solutions are carefully designed to fit the unique needs of each client. We support our clients’ growth and development through a broad range of capabilities.


We take an integrative approach to strategy, helping clients create competitive advantage through analytics, problem solving, and a fresh perspective on operating processes.


Our approach to research focuses first on how the research results will be implemented. This allows us to provide our clients with actionable research findings directly aligned to key managerial decisions.

Product Development

We specialize in supporting better, cheaper, and faster product and service development at every level.


Effective operations are critical to continued growth. By applying analytics and practical approaches we help our clients generate significant and sustained performance improvements.

Diligence & Acquisitions

From diligence to acquisition integration, we help our clients make sound investment decisions and optimize their business results.

Marketing & Sales

From analytics to storytelling to pricing, our approach helps clients optimize their marketing and sales efforts through the generation of actionable and authentic customer insights.


We tailor our work to each client’s unique position, goals, and mission. Our team combines rigorous analytics, design thinking, and focus on downstream operations to ensure that solutions are actionable and meaningful. We work in close partnership with our clients to develop insightful perspectives, inventive approaches, and scalable solutions.

We work in four primary practice areas:


We have a deep knowledge of the education industry both in the United States and abroad. Our work spans pK-12 to graduate education in both the public and private sectors. Our team is passionate about education, viewing it as critical to both individual and societal growth.

Past education casework includes:

  • For a leading university, we performed demand discovery work to assess the viability of its proposed degree programs from the perspectives of employers, students, and university partners.

  • For a business-to-consumer (B2C) education company with customers in over 90 countries, we conducted extensive qualitative and quantitative research to understand key concerns and insights from promoters, detractors, as well as prospective customers that choose not to buy their product.

  • For a brand name K-12 company, we redefined their brand architecture and positioning of key product suites.

  • For a national K-12 after-school tutoring provider, we conducted vendor selection to identify, vet, and select a blended learning curriculum provider optimally suited to address their needs and the needs of large urban school districts.

  • For a US-based higher education technology provider, we conducted a market scan, marketing sizing, and competitive analysis of an international market.

  • For a private education services provider, we analyzed 24,000+ Pre and Post Reading and Math assessments as well as operational data to develop a system to isolate and address performance issues at the local education agency, building, classroom and individual teacher level.

  • For a business-to-government company that provides curriculum and instruction to public schools nationwide, we conducted extensive price research and contract analysis.

  • For a national K-8 education provider, we envisioned, planned, and developed their entry into the high school market. This included research, instructional development, and curriculum development. We developed a unique Learn, Use, Teach (TM) methodology based on best teaching practices and neurobiology of learning principles. This blended learning methodology is designed for both virtual and brick & mortar implementations.

  • For multiple K-12 and higher education providers, we provided enrollment & retention analytics and operational support to increase new and returning customers.

  • For a non-profit education services provider, we supported the application, development, and launch of two charter schools.


The healthcare industry is undergoing unprecedented change worldwide. Shifting demographics, new technology, regulatory changes, and an increasing use of big data and evidence-based practice are all radically changing the healthcare environment.

As the healthcare sector evolves, IT, electronic health records (EHR), and Data Interoperability will be critical for healthcare institutions to improve quality of care and maintain profitability in an environment of decreasing reimbursement. Changing industry dynamics will also pressure hospitals to reorganize into true health systems through vertical (service/product expansion and acquisition of private practices) and horizontal integration (hospital acquisition). In addition, new technologies will continue to disrupt the industry, challenging traditional approaches and players, and creating both new operational efficiencies and problems.

Tuscany Associates works with private sector, hospital, and research university executives to provide analytical, communications, operational, and financial support.

Our past healthcare casework includes:

  • For a California-based home health care provider, we developed and instituted a balanced scorecard of Key Performance Indicators.

  • For the Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, we conducted a market scan of point of care tests for STIs and identified potential product development partners.

  • For the University of Maryland, Institute of Human Virology, we developed a community outreach communications strategy culminating in the production of annual documentaries highlighting key programmatic features.

  • For the Specialized Services Division of a new health care provider, we developed and helped to launch a telepractice platform to deliver Speech Language Pathology services.

  • For a mid-Atlantic health services company, we conducted a market scan of the Autism environment focusing on legislative, competitive, insurance, and reimbursement issues.

  • For Johns Hopkins Hospital, we developed multiple documentaries to highlight Hopkins’ leadership role in developing the academic research university model.

Service Businesses

Our work for service businesses combines our extensive experience in the service world with a strong understanding of the implications of digital technologies on the service industry. Service industries will continue to undergo radical change driven by globalization, digitization, social publishing platforms, and pervasive analytics. Overall, new entrants that integrate digital information into their core services offerings are radically redefining the nature of services.

We have experience launching new companies and new business divisions, helping firms grapple with the dilemma of innovation driven cannibalization, and reorienting firms from an internal to a customer-centric focus.

Past Service Businesses casework includes:

  • For a mid-sized private business, we integrated the marketing, sales, customer service, and technical support systems to create a comprehensive, integrated view of each individual client. We also remapped the firm's accounting GL codes from an internal perspective to a customer activity based perspective.

  • For a national services provider, we conducted qualitative prospective and current customer research through extensive interviews and quantitative survey research to develop the firm’s product roadmap.

  • For a private, mid-sized business, we conducted big data analysis, derived actionable KPIs, and instituted a role-based reporting system that replaced the firm’s high-end but ineffective dashboard system.

  • For a Silicon Valley technology startup, we provided segmentation, targeting, and positioning analysis, developed an investor roadshow presentation, and created key messaging.

  • For a franchise based services company, we developed and tested a new within-center and out-of-center customer experience for a novel product introduction.

  • For an online services company, we developed a comprehensive view of the industry including marketing sizing, competitive analysis, and labor sourcing strategies.

  • For a variety of funds, public companies, and private firms, Tuscany Group has conducted due diligence across a wide ranges of industries. Our rigorous, evidence-based approach helps our clients make informed, well structured decisions.

  • We also have extensive experience managing the integration of new acquisitions into parent companies. Our clients value both our collegiality and ability to focus simultaneously on the big picture and the details that can be a barrier to successful integration.

Information & Media

The last decade has seen dramatic changes in the publishing, music, film, and information industries. Whole industries have been invented, disrupted, and reinvented with blistering speed. Large consolidated media companies have been challenged by unbundled content, an explosion of user generated content, and web-enabled mobile services, all working together to change consumer behavior and expectations.

The next decade will see equally disruptive change for both established players and new upstarts. The next wave of innovation can provide new sources of differentiation for established players seeking to remake their service offerings.

With a strong grasp of a changing macro environment, we support media production companies, textbook, magazine, and online publishers, content management platforms, communications firms, and arts institutions.

Past Information and Media Casework includes:

  • For a business-to-consumer product company, we geo-plotted their customer base, analyzed operational, sales, and social media data, to create a state by state expansion plan.

  • For a custom publishing firm, we developed a digital pricing system (mobile compatible) that allows the client to create accurate, custom-priced solutions on the fly.

  • For a content management platform, we constructed a big data analytic tool allowing managers to filter and interpret complex client data.

  • For Tutor Our Children, a DC based education advocacy group, we produced a 30-minute documentary and advocacy campaign highlighting the need for legislative changes to support low-income students.

  • For the Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, we created a documentary on the art of Toshiko Takaezu. The documentary is archived at the Smithsonian.

  • For the Denver Museum of Art, we supported a go mobile experience providing contextual videos associated with individual artwork, all accessible via smartphones for a personalized, interactive experience.




Business Services

Information & Media


David Long

Principal and Founder

David Long has extensive background designing and operationalizing new products and growth strategies for mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. He holds an MBA in marketing and entrepreneurship from The Kellogg Graduate School of Management and a B.A. in Philosophy and Mathematics from St. John’s College, Annapolis. Working in Chicago, Washington D.C. and Baltimore, David served as a corporate Vice President of Business Development, and VP Marketing & Sales for Laureate, Inc. Prior to Laureate, he launched what became the nation’s largest provider of Supplemental Education Services under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, for Sylvan Learning Systems. Prior to Sylvan, he served as Vice President Product Management for Mindsurf, Inc. a venture-backed wireless technology company. In 2007, David founded Tuscany Associates.

David Graves


David has extensive marketing and general management experience in the sectors of consumer packaged goods, higher education and K-12 education. He began his career at the Quaker Oats Company working on the Gatorade Sports Drink brand team. He worked for eight years in the U.S. and U.K. for the Colgate-Palmolive Company, holding positions of increasing responsibility in brand marketing for the Hill’s Pet Foods division, including marketing manager for US marketing, director of marketing for Europe, and managing director/general manager of northern Europe for the Science Diet and Prescription Diet product lines.

David worked for over 15 years at Laureate Education where he served as President and CEO for 13 of Laureate Education’s international universities in 9 countries. These schools offered hospitality management, business, engineering, art, architecture and design. He was the founding President of eSylvan, and Vice President of marketing for Sylvan Learning Centers worldwide.  Just prior to joining Tuscany Associates, he served as Regional Managing Director of North America at Nord Anglia Education, Inc. David has an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management and a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the Medill School of Journalism, both at Northwestern University.

Alexander (Sascha) Cocron


Sascha Cocron has extensive background in corporate strategy and in entrepreneurial venture development. He was a founding member of two successful venture-capital funded technology start-ups, including Applied Predictive Technologies, a big-data analytics software firm.

Sascha has for the past 20 years worked with companies to develop growth strategies, focusing primarily on intellectual-capital intensive industries. A former partner at Mercer Management Consulting, he has advised senior executives of Global 1000 companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Australia, and Canada. His past casework experience includes strategy development and M&A advisory work in numerous industries including information services, high technology manufacturing, telecommunications, professional services, and process industries.

Sascha holds an M.B.A. with honors from The University of Chicago and a B.A. in philosophy and mathematics from St. John's College, Annapolis

Peter Vujaklia


Peter Vujaklia has extensive experience helping companies develop and implement growth strategies, with a specialized expertise in global strategy development. Peter served in multiple senior strategy roles at Thomson Reuters, including Chief Strategy Officer of the Legal Division and the Emerging Markets Division. He helped to found its Emerging Markets Division, and implemented strategies to drive increasing growth outside of the core US/Europe market.

Before joining Thomson Reuters, Peter was a partner at Mercer Management Consulting where he served clients for over fifteen years in multiple industries. His casework covered a broad array of issues including new market entry, new product strategies, process improvement, pricing optimization, and M&A strategy in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific. Peter holds an M.B.A. from Carnegie Mellon University and a B.S. in engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dianne Conley


With over twenty-five years of experience leading innovative marketing and technology businesses in B2B and B2C as well as start-up and enterprise environments, Dianne Conley has an exceptional record of defining and driving strategic initiatives to deliver measurable business value, often in “hasn’t been done before” contexts. As VP of Marketing at K12 Inc, she led the enterprise’s CRM and Marketing Automation initiatives, established the Social Media Center of Excellence, and spearheaded the effort to bring Agile methodologies to the Marketing Department. Formerly, Dianne was SVP at DoublePositive Marketing Group, where she ran the internet marketing firm’s operations; a Principal at the marketing consultancy 4Thought, Inc.; and SVP at emagination network, where she led delivery of solutions for the interactive firm. Dianne received her Bachelor’s degree in economics summa cum laude from Bucknell University.

Lindsay Tyson

Associate Consultant

Lindsay Tyson has significant experience in market research, analysis, and product design. She earned her Master of Professional Studies in Information Visualization from the Maryland Institute College of Art and her Bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Biomechanics. In her role at Tuscany Associates, Lindsay has conducted extensive market research, pricing analysis, end user analysis, competitive analysis, and supported the translation of end user needs into formal business requirements and, subsequently, into product implementations. Lindsay has participated in multiple design and product development teams leading to the creation of objects such as a transtibial prosthetic, a medical waste disposal system for developing countries that eliminates carcinogenic dioxin production, and an interactive website tracking U.S. Department of Energy spending on Small Business Innovation Research grants by category. Before working for Tuscany Associates, she worked in process engineering, sales, and efficiency management in the biofuels industry.

Michael Schnell

Senior Analyst

Michael Schnell recently graduated with a B.A. in Economics from the Johns Hopkins University (2016). Previously, Michael has worked as a Staff Writer for the Sports Quotient and Chief of Staff for Professor Steve H. Hanke at the Johns Hopkins University. Additionally, Michael has worked as a Research Assistant working on projects across the fields of Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Business Enterprise.

Andrew Ingersoll

Incoming Analyst

Andy Ingersoll is a student at Johns Hopkins University pursuing a B.A. in International Studies and Global Environmental Change and Sustainability, with a minor in Islamic Studies. Previously he has worked for a tech startup in Silicon Valley, as an organic farmer in Oregon and West Virginia, and for the Hopkins Recycling Department.



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